Friday, January 25, 2008

TGIF...Jan 25...

Well - thank GOD it's Friday is always a good phrase around here - I don't work on Fridays, generally speaking! I will probably have to do something today since the HFBC newsletter has to be mailed, either today or tomorrow...

I'm thinking about trying to start an "inchies" swap at my B_R_A_G yahoo group...that would be fun. And Anna at BRAG posted a faux silk technique that I want to try.

I can't attend my calligraphy guild's play day tomorrow, because (boo hoo) I waited too long to register and now there are already 2 people on the waiting list before me...Oh well. What I should do is make the most of the time and DO ART at home! I've been working on some polymer clay stuff, and have some new paper from John Neal Booksellers that I should try working some calligraphy on...I bought some new inks from JNB also...

Cyberscribes (the calligraphy yahoo group I belong to) has had some very interesting threads of conversation lately, on preparing art for reproduction (at a printer's) and Sheila Waters has been posting about some of her beginner classes she has been teaching. I doubt her students realize what a treasure they are being exposed to!! She is one of the WORLD'S best calligraphers!

Well - finally better get something accomplished - it's already past 12:30 pm!

oh - any music lovers out there - especially classic rock - should try the internet streaming of 107.7 the Lake.

Do it now!

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