Saturday, July 28, 2007

"I'm SO excited, I just can't HIDE it..."

"...I'm about to lose control and I think I like it..."

Well - this song was definitely NOT written about zines (say "zeenz") but wow! it works for the seven zines I received this week from The Gleaner Zine summer 7 for 7 zine swap! Seven super, original, cool zines from seven super artistes! I haven't had the time to really sit down and take more than a superficial glance, but my oh my they will be fun to look at! And in a day or two I will post parts of the zine that I created for the swap. I want to make sure everyone gets their zines before I "give away" any of the case anyone is out there reading this blog...

I also had the chance to finish a card that was part of a Card Kit challenge by one of the members of my B_R_A_G yahoo e-group - Lois Appleton put together identical kits for all who wanted to join in, and sent them all out, and each of us had to use those materials to create a card (and she sent enough materials for 3-4 cards...thanks Lois!). It should be very interesting to see whose card is selected as "best" - and it's exciting because the winner gets ALL the cards!

Well - time to keep on cleaning my new work space! (I've taken over daughter #1's old bedroom as my craft space - after all, she is 22 and living in her own apartment - and dh bought me new shelving to help me get all my stuff straight...I'd forgotten how many supplies and tools I've purchased over the years!

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